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About Us

Our goal is to have every player who leaves Bison clinics, camps or lessons to have a greater understanding of the game then when they arrived. No two players are alike and it is important to us that each player knows that they will receive individual instruction based on both their strong points and aspects of their game that need improvement.

We provide the quality coaching to players who have a great passion for the game and offer the solid foundation that they need to progress and become better players. We show players more than just the fundamentals of the game, we show them how to succeed by using proven techniques and methods of coaching with a vast understanding of every position. Bison is about quality instruction for the players and all the coaches work together to give the players the best experience possible, guaranteed.

We have the following guidelines for coaching:

Communication with players is essential. You can be an encyclopedia of knowledge but if you do not know how to express it, youâ??re useless as a coach. We work hard to develop the skill of communicating ideas so that players will perform at a high level. Coaches need a connection with their players, if they do not have one, their impact is minimal and results will be average at best.

Same Skill, Different Drill.

Fundamental body movements must be committed to muscle memory. These movements include: Footwork & Overall Body Control, Stick control, Passing & Shooting Mechanics and Field Vision Awareness.

All players have the potential to be successful, but not all players will have the same desire. We teach 'You commit, you succeed'.

Discipline and High Expectations are not negatives, they teach the value of maintaining poise under pressure.

    We expect every player to come to our clinics ready to learn and receive the best coaching possible.

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